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eBay RSS querystring/variable definitions


So I’m working on new eBay store front, and wanting to implement some new features and provide a look that can separate my store fronts away from BANS. I started working with the API, since some of hte features ‘appear’ to be only available with the API, but that got me thinking, I was wondering if I’ve been ignoring some of the querystring variables used to create the eBay RSS? I thought a simple Google search on eBay RSS querystring or variables would lead me to a full developers variable definition list, but no? Some of the variables I was able to get definitions from various sites on the net, but I still have about half that are needing definitions.

If you can help supply some of the definitions, please contact me, so we can complete this list. Also, let me know of any variables not listed, I’m sure there are additional name/value pairs out there as well (possibly WSDL definition with the RSS web service???).

FeedName = verb similar to API (SearchResults)
siteId = country 0 = (0)
language = language and timezone to return (en-US)
output = what version of RSS we want (RSS20)
sacat = category for search
ftrt = time related? (1)
fbd = ? (1)
floc = ? (1)
saslop = ? (1)
fsop = ?
fsoo = ?
from = ? (R6)
fss = (0)
sacur = currency 0 = us dollar (0)
fpos = optional – zip code
afcj = cj affiliate code
saslc = ? (0)
fcl = possible related to images (3)
saaff = affiliate association (afcj)
catref = ? (C5)
frpp = items returned – doesn‘t work, always 100 results returned (100)
satitle = keyword searching
ftrv = time related? (1)
fts = both the title and description is searched (2) [1 = title only]
saatc = ? (1)
sabdlo = min price
sabdhi = max price
ffsh = free shipping [1 = free shipping only]
sappl = paypal only sales [1 = paypal]
sascs = 2 – BIN items only, 1 = auctions?
sadis = distance [ie: 200 for 200 miles from zip]

Here are some great sort value definitions

&fsoo=1&fsop=1 – Auctions Ending First
&fsoo=1&fsop=32 – Best Match
&fsoo=2&fsop=2 – Newly Listed Auctions
&fsoo=1&fsop=34 – Price and Shipping with Lowest First
&fsoo=2&fsop=3 – Highest Price First
&fsoo=2&fsop=34 – Price and Shipping with Highest Price First


  1. Great list! Thanks 🙂

  2. It is really nice list of variables. But what i observer is that for minimum price they used saprclo and for maximum price they used variable name saprchi. I have one question, if buyer wants to select payment type like paypal, direct payment or credit card etc. When searching how can he select the products with specific payment type ? Thank you

  3. Hi, I really need to know how to limit the number of items returned. Couldn’t find an answer yet. Could you help?

  4. Hello

    I can’t fully remember, but I want to say that items returned is only manageable via the API. I want to say that the RSS feed will return <= 100 results. What I do is parse the RSS result into a array then iterate through the loop and display what you need. This is how I do paging and displaying a smaller set of results. Hope this helps. hanji

  5. Hi,
    many thanks for this. Maybe you know how to build rss to search also in ebay shops? I found somewhere that parameter “fasi=1” is for this, but it seems dont work

  6. I would recommend using the API to do the search. You could use RSS, but adjusting the sacat and the satitle to search.

    Here is a link to the API search:


  7. I’ve only discovered this today and have no idea about RSS or API but I’ve got to start from somewhere 😛

    If you view the source of the below, you will see from=R8, You have R6 listed so I changed it and compared two. It looks like one returns US listing (R8) but display results in £ and the other is UK listing (R6)

  8. Thanks for the list. I am changing an old BANS software to a feed from a different network. It works fine…except… it does not page. the next link just shows the same items. I am going crazy trying to figure out what is different from one to the other.
    Test page is here:
    A couple files are here:
    If you could give me any clue, I would very much appreciate it!

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