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PopShop redirect all links to your domain


I like to have all external affiliate links point back to my domain. I don’t want to advertise lots of external links to search bots so I do some basic link cloaking back to my domain and redirect. I wanted the same effect with my PopShop products. Luckily, PopShops provides this as a feature for Enterprise users.

A little background, PopShops is a great tool to quickly add products across various affiliate networks (CJ, ShareASale, GAN, etc). There is NOT easier way to add products to your site than PopShops, and I’m a huge fan!

To add link redirection you will need to do two things.

#1 Add a piece of code on all pages that have PopShop products.

span class=”st0″>’psps_product’‘Location:’‘psps_product’

#2 Adjust your PopShop shop (via PopShop’s interface) to allow Link Redirection
– Open your shop
– Click Preferences
– Click the Link Redirection tab
– Check ‘Have all product redirects point to your own domain.’

What this will do is convert links to look like this:

When a user clicks the link, they will be redirected to the same page where it was created, but the hunk of code will detect ‘psps_product’ and redirect the user to the domain and on to the designated affiliate.

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