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Parsing XML CJ Product Feeds


I mentioned on May 29th that CJ allows you to create and manage product catalogs now. This is great. You can create a product feed and have it available in your FTP directory (or whatever delivery method you wish). For my personal set up, I have it stored on their server, and I need to FTP to it and grab it. I do everything via PHP on a scheduled intervals.

I wanted to show you how you can grab the XML data and parse it. You could use it directly or push it into a database, etc. In my situation, I want to update a local database with product items. Items will be updated every week. I won’t go into the database piece (let me know if you need me to go into INSERT/DELETE SQL examples).

For this example, you will need PHP5 since we’ll be using the simplexml_load_file() function. This is assuming that you’ve already FTP’d the XML to your working directory. Again, let me know if you need this process as well, and I can provide some examples.

Once we have the XML file, we pass it to the simplexml_load_file function. This function quickly parses the XML into a object. Since it’s a object, it’s snap to reference the values. My example loops through the XML object and sets local variables with the values from the XML file. You could then INSERT this values into a database or display them in real time.

span class=”st0″>’1111111_11111_20090528.xml’

My version of MySQL is 5, if you’re running 5.1 or 6, you can use a sweet MySQL command called “LOAD XML LOCAL INFILE”. For example, you could run this and it would populate your database table very quickly.

span class=”st0″>"LOAD XML LOCAL INFILE ‘1111111_11111_20090528.xml’
                INTO TABLE tblProductsTest
                ROWS IDENTIFIED BY ‘ ‘""

I think the ability to quickly make some product feeds is awesome. Now, I just need to find time to create some new store fronts and make some cash. If you find this post useful, please follow me on Twitter and Digg this post!


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