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ebay-partner-networkA good friend of mine, just starting out in EPN, asked me if I add a tracking pixel as suggested by the link tool. Hmm? I haven’t ccreated any links using the tool in over a year, so I didn’t see mention of that. I do remember that one of the EPN webinars that someone mentioned that they wanted to see some more impression tracking for more publish transparency, but I didn’t hear more on the subject.

I quickly went to the tool and generated some links and saw the mention…

Tip: We recommend serving at least one impression pixel per Campaign on every page that has eBay links. For more info, click the help link to the left and contact us.

As some of you know I roll my own EPN sites (No BANS) so I needed to quickly add this tracking image on my sites. All of my sites have a ‘store’ section, so within that template I added the following PHP code at the bottom:

span class=”st0″>'<img style="text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;" src=";pub=123413241432&amp;toolid=10001&amp;campid=’.EPNID.‘&amp;customid=&amp;mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]" alt="" />’;

The EPNID variable is a PHP constant that contains my campid for every site. I’m not seeing increased impressions in my campaigns. I had ‘some’ impressions before, but those were from various pages that had Editor Kits, but now I’m seeing proper page impressions for my RSS and API pages.

I wanted to post this in case others like me, didn’t see the ‘suggestion’.

Side note, EPN’s QCP is still better than my daily commissions under the old system. I’ll be officially ramping up my EPN development again. I’ve been working on Amazon store fronts during the last month and half, and seeing some ‘okay’ earnings from there. Still nowhere near my EPN earnings, but I’ve been learning alot about what works.. and what doesn’t. I’m hoping that these Amazon sites will really pay off during the holiday shopping spree.


  1. Do you really think QCP earnings are going to stay high? I don’t. Here’s why.

    I had no sales for the first six days of this month, yet I had QCP earnings every day that were higher than my average daily earnings in the past. Then one sale on day 7, none after that. And I’m still seeing steady QCP earnings.

    The QCP payout is apparently tied to nothing. You know that can’t last.

  2. No sales for 6 days? That could be the problem, you don’t have enough sales. It’s a cost per click system based on performance metrics. So you were receiving earnings on days without sales based on previous history (EPC) related to performance.

    QCP payouts are based on history, ACRUs and quality of traffic being sent. I’ve seen higher than average commissions in my August QCP preview, September QCP preview and now my actual October QCP.

    The trend that I’m noticing is that affiliates who have inconsistent sales, or have sites attracting non-targeted (buyers) to the site seem to have lower than average QCP earnings compared to the older commission structrue.

    My sites are highly targeted and focusing on individuals ready to buy, I think that could be the difference. The others that I’ve spoken too about that are doing well seem to be following the same pattern.


  3. I think adding your own tracking to things is crutial. I can say enough how important it is to know the difference between what they “being the affiliates” stats are vs. that of the company sending the checks. Online it is so easy to scrap and fudge numbers that double checking is a must. I allow certain thresholds before I’ll bail on a company or confront about the “missed’ sales. Typically I am small enough that I don’t come out guns blazing I simple just move on. Thanks for the good advice.

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