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Simple modification to FD Feedburner Plugin


Today for one of my sites, I needed to populate a Facebook page with a feed, but I didn’t want the entire post as the ‘note’. I found a great plugin called Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook that leaves a partial feed with a link to ‘leave Facebook’ to your site. This is EXACTLY what I needed, but I was having problem with my FD Feedburner Plugin which auto-magically converts my RSS feeds to feedburner feeds. In this particular case, I needed to exclude a single feed from this. Unfortunately, this is not a configuration option.

So I’m posting this mainly for myself in case there is a plugin update and I need to know how I did this the first time, but I can see that few might find this useful.

Basically in the feedburner_redirect() function, we need to add a conditional:

span class=”co1″>// Redirect the feed
"Location: "

Needs to be changed to this:

span class=”co1″>// Redirect the feed
‘facebook’‘REQUEST_URI’"Location: "

The feed url that Facebook will be using looks similar to this :, if we detect this in the REQUEST_URI, we do nothing with the redirect. Now Facebook will be happy with our new feed, while any other requests to our site’s feed will be directed to Feedburner.

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