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Chatting with eBay Partner Network – Episode 11

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I don’t hit the EPN blog that often.. and I should try harder. I saw that on January 13th, the posted Episode 11. I thought this was a good interview, since they addressed some of my ongoing issues with EPN. I appreciate that they acknowledged that they still need to improve in the customer service sector, and also that they’re aware of their issues with rolling out new code. Nothing like ‘new changes’ followed up by reporting issues, etc. A little unnerving, so I’m glad they they’re aware and plan to do better in 2011.

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  1. I’m glad the statement about eBay ‘not caring’ was brought up. Each time there was an announced reporting issue my earnings dropped by at least 30%. When I emailed eBay about this the answer was the same every time – the quality of traffic was the issue. I checked the traffic coming in and clicking out and it’s the same. I find it odd that every time an issue happens with EPN’s infrastructure my earnings drop and it’s my traffic that is the issue.

    I recently implemented a custom banner and right after doing so my earnings dropped again. I haven’t contacted support yet because I know the answer will be the same yet again…a traffic issue.

    I really hope more research can be done versus automatically using the traffic excuse.

    Thank you,

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