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Chatting with eBay Partner Network – Episode 14 – Network Quality Team

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Here is a interesting video with Chad Wehrmaker discussing the Network Quality Team at EPN. Personally, I’ve been weary of my EPN account, and work extremely hard to send ‘quality’ traffic to EPN. Work on improving sites and my EPC. He provided some great insight on the ‘quality’, and mentions it’s not about EPC only. I thought this information was quite interesting. He mentions some additional factors – Transparency and Brand Association are also factors for quality. The way I transparency could be related to registered domains at EPN, tracking pixel and clear understanding of the flow of traffic to and from the site. If you have other suggestions of what transparency means, please comment below.

Now Brand Association is interesting. Clearly using registered trademarks or brand names in the title is a violation of the TOS so this should be a no-brainer, unless brand association is related to something else. Is this related to certain products on the site? Not sure what this fully means.

Chad mentions that there is also an appeal process if your account is terminated or suspended and to write to Threatening or harsh emails will not be responded to. Reading a blogs that have successfully appealed their account termination all mentioned that they would calmly AND continually write to the quality team. Persistence and patience seems to be the way.

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  1. Didn’t see this post of yours for some reason, and have to admit I haven’t been following those EPN videos as closely as possible – they are quite welcome, it shows they are making a much bigger effort than before, after the PR disaster of the move from CJ, and QCP and all the rest of it. They even actively contacted me about the development of my plugin (you know they are changing the RSS feed call format?).

    But there is so much that still baffles and bewilders about the whole model, I and a lot of users I talk to still see wildly varying results and bizarre earnings fluctuations, it really is still a mystery.

    I have a feeling that you are right, that brand association would be some kind of trademark violation, or borderline use of trademarks. I think you are right about transparency too, remember all that stuff about http referrers? I guess they want to know exactly where the traffic is coming from.

    But how QCP is calculated and all that, I am still a trifle mystified. Maybe I just need to ramp up my traffic and get more consistent sales rather than the patchy efforts I have going on at the moment….

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