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May 6, 2009
by admin

Picking and purchasing domain names

Seems like every contact I make and after we start talking, we end up discussing domain names. Keyword or no-keyword in the title? .Com or .info, etc? Where is the best place to purchase domains, etc.

So I figured it might be good to go over some of my prerequisites on domain name selection. I’m not saying that my way is correct, but if you’re interested, these are rules that I follow.

#1 I always go for .com and .net only. I NEVER go for .info or other extensions. I don’t care how cheap they are. .Coms are always preferred, but might be hard to nail with competition. If the .com is taken and the .net is available, I’ll see if the .com site is active. If it’s a squatter domain, I’ll usually pick up the .net since the .com is not ‘currently’ competing with me.

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