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December 22, 2007
by admin

2008 Internet Marketing Goals and a look back at 2007

So 2007 is coming to an end. It’s time for reflection and to start planning goals for the coming year. I think reflection is really important. You need to know where you are coming from before looking to where you want to go. I officially started internet marketing in October 2006. That is when I signed up with CJ. I had a few sites running Google AdSense, but I was making about $15/month. Nothing to get excited about. After getting the CJ account, I began seeing the potential. My first month I made $90, followed by $190 for November and $120 for December. At this time, I knew I could make some money.

2007 started with my diversification plan. I had one community site that was doing well with CJ, so I decided to make another on a similar topic but exercising the 10 degrees of separation. Almost immediately, it began to gather content (generated by the public) and was getting traffic. Also at this time I generated a on-line article site dedicated to another area I’m interested in. The goals for both of these sites were simple.
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