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April 5, 2008
by admin

EPN Migration – the saga continues

I initially migrated two sites over to EPN on the 1st, and I’ve been waiting to see earnings before making any other moves. I also wanted to make sure that clicks and impressions were working as expected. Early on, I thought my clicks were down considerably, but after a few days, I think they’re fairly accurate. This afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to see commissions in my earnings column!

One thing to understand when migrating, is that the new EPN cookie is different than the CJ cookie. So you’re basically starting over with tracking. So expect to see commissions 3-7 days after migrating the site. Also, you still might see commissions and ACRUs in CJ after the migration, since these are different cookies. People are freaking out, and if you just settle down and think about this.. it makes sense.

Items to note:
EditorKit variables are different and need to be changes. I mentioned this here :: EPN EditorKit Transition

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