Coding For Online Success

July 12, 2008
by admin

NeverBlue Ads

NeverBlue AdsIn preparation for starting various PPC campaigns relating to offers and products, I thought I would first start by joining various networks. I’m already a member of a few ‘product’ type networks, but when it comes to offers, I’m really not with anyone. Based off of some of the things I saw on the Top Affiliate Challenge, I thought I’d start with NeverBlue Ads.

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April 16, 2008
by admin

Great post on PPC at DigitalPoint

I was at DigitalPoint today, and came across a great thread “Adwords and ebay?How necessary?“. I personally don’t like to use AdWords (I prefer Yahoo’s YSM), but I wanted to get some basic tips for PPC in general… since I’m always wanting to learn how others are doing it.

Anyway, manx posted the following post, which I thought was extremely useful. I wanted to put in here, so I could easily reference it in the future… but some of you might find it useful as well. It’s basic, but the basics get easily lost when you dive into PPC.

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