Coding For Online Success

January 14, 2008
by admin

Readers vs. Buyers

I’ve been corresponding with a few people.. and also found myself talking about this at lunch the other day. This is usually a good sign it’s blog post worthy.

When trying to monetize your site, you immediately think of what products or banners or offers to lay in your site. This is fine, but this thought is often a “after thought”, meaning when the site was originally created, it wasn’t designed to be a monetary site by initial design. Sure, you’d like to make some cash, and adding some banners or adsense make sense. The problem occurs months later when you realize that your site doesn’t convert. One thing to be aware of, and if you’re not aware of this by this time, I seriously wonder about your choice to get into this business, is that all web sites are NOT created equal. Meaning, when you create a web site, it won’t convert as good as everyone else by default! Each web site has a different focus and TARGET.

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