Coding For Online Success

October 18, 2007
by admin

AuctionAds.. now ShoppingAds

So not sure if any of you tried AuctionAds. This was a very interesting product developed by Shoemoney Media Group (go Shoemoney!) and was later sold to MediaWhiz. I gave it a try, but was extremely disappointed with the performance and ad presentation. I was making much money with my standard eBay affiliate campaigns and custom auction widgets. I was even getting better performance with eBay’s EditorKit. The breaking point for me was when their server would go down. Since it was a javascript widget, it would stall the entire page load until the request timed out. This provided my visitors with a horrible user experience during these outages. Eventually, I removed all AuctionAd code. Just recently I logged in to see what I had in my balance and it was a $1.11!!!! Unbelievable.

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