Coding For Online Success

December 16, 2007
by admin

How to use PPC with your eBay Affiliate store fronts

With this blog post, I’m going to talk about my techniques with using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to drive traffic to my eBay store fronts. I’ve seen this discussed plenty on various forums, and wanted to describe what I feel is somewhat a formula to get good returns on a monthly basis. Now, my disclaimer. First off, I’m not a PPC guru, and I’m just like everyone reading this post, I’m trying to learn and succeed. Your results may differ.

I also want to explain my general setup when it comes to eBay store fronts. First off, I don’t use BANS but roll my own store fronts. I do this for maximum control and to also not look like a cookie-cutter BANS site. If you want to get clicks (converting clicks) it’s important to separate yourself from the pack. The next piece of the initial puzzle is to create multiple store fronts spanning across multiple niches. Basically, I’m fishing to see what niches have good potential returns. The stores that appear to be promising, I do the 10 degrees of separation trick and expand on that further.
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