Coding For Online Success

December 5, 2007
by admin

Develop different “types” of sites for greater affiliate returns

I’ve been thinking about this lately. In affiliate marketing, I believe it’s important to not think one dimensionally on how to generate income with your affiliate empire. Notice.. I said empire vs. site. I’m still working on this theory, but I’ve started to identify points of success in my empire or network.

First off, is a 1000 sites better than 1? It all depends how crappy your thousand sites are or how great your single site is. What I believe, it’s important to create multiple test sites to see what has potential. I’m NOT talking about niches people! What I’m talking about is creating different types of sites. Currently, I’ve been developing community sites, store front sites, landing pages, blogs and forums. Each type of site has different income potential. Each type of site work in various niches, etc.

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