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AuctionAds.. now ShoppingAds


So not sure if any of you tried AuctionAds. This was a very interesting product developed by Shoemoney Media Group (go Shoemoney!) and was later sold to MediaWhiz. I gave it a try, but was extremely disappointed with the performance and ad presentation. I was making much money with my standard eBay affiliate campaigns and custom auction widgets. I was even getting better performance with eBay’s EditorKit. The breaking point for me was when their server would go down. Since it was a javascript widget, it would stall the entire page load until the request timed out. This provided my visitors with a horrible user experience during these outages. Eventually, I removed all AuctionAd code. Just recently I logged in to see what I had in my balance and it was a $1.11!!!! Unbelievable.

Well, a few days ago, I got an email to try the BETA release of ShoppingAds, which looks like auction ads (which I thought looked bad to start with) but using merchants and providing pay per click to it’s publishers. This sounded appealing, but I was immediately turned off by the ads. They’re still using the same layout and colors as AuctionAds, and I’ve proven my click through on their ads were horrible. In comparison to WidgetBucks, where the ads looks really, really good and conversion is there. I think I won’t even bother with ShoppingAds. If anyone out there is giving them a try, please let me know what you think.

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