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CJ web service issues – unable to access WSDL


I’ve noticed issues with connecting to CJ Web Services. I’ve posted a thread on their forum (apparently there was an outage on October 5th. Here are the details of that:

The Web Services system upgrade that was performed last week required a roll back of some functionality in order to preserve 100% functionality of the entire Web Services production systems. The issues have been addressed and are to be deployed Thursday, October 4th. As a result, all Web Services systems will be unavailable from approximately 6:00pm � 8:00pm PDT on Thursday.

Now, I’m unable to hit the following addresses to retrieve WSDL information:

I’m almost thinking that they changed default listening port. Not sure. Once I get the new proper way of accessing this I’ll post it. If anyone out there is currently using it, and knows what’s up, please contact me. I’ll also update my code example (simple script for connecting to commission junction’s product web service and populating a local database) as well.

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