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eBay FUD


FUD = Fear Uncertainty Doom. So the press has been going wild about the 50% eBay seller fee cut. After the wave of panic has come and gone, and some basic understanding of what’s going to happen, it appears this could be a great thing for eBay affliates after all. Basically, they’re going to cut listing fees (to help sellers relist items that did not sold), but have raised the FVF (Final Value Fee), which is what we get a cut of!

I’ve been watching the Digital Point Forums as well as the eBay Affiliate forum on the subject, and things should work out in our favor. I’m still working with my four sites a month goal, but still working on other merchant sites. I’ve even been exploring Amazon again.. (shudder).

Things have been going great for January sales.. looks like I’ll be beating December.. who woulda thunk?


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