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January better than December.. How can this be?


December was my largest month to date with a total $1400+ in CJ. I pushed hard in October and November to catch some of the X-mas action, and I did get a slice of it. I was quite pleased with the results. One thing that I noticed immediately after Christmas was that sales continued? I figured it was still related to holiday buzz, so I didn’t take much stock into it. But by mid January, may sales were still continuing at record pace?? Sure enough my commissions actually exceeded December! They haven’t locked yet, but I’m looking $1585 for the month in CJ.

Here is a break down of commissions, sales and leads. I wanted to show you this, since there is some useful information to present.

The two graphs to pay particular attention to are sales and leads. Notice that January sales exceeded December by almost 200, but December leads were super high. I’ve seen mention that holiday buying pushes ACRUs, since people forget their eBay logins, and just create a new account. My stats definitely show that. My sales exceeded December because January I worked on SEO and traffic generation on existing sites WHILE I was still making more store fronts. Definitely there was a growth in sites compared to Dec/Jan. This is important, don’t just stare at your results, keep producing while analyzing!!!! The final piece that I noticed was the commissions for the month. I was fortunate to make a few other sales besides eBay. I had multiple sales from other merchants. This was/is very promising to me. The amount of commissions returned from other merchants can dwarf your daily eBay earnings. I have a few merchants that return 9% commission on the final price of items. That’s mucho better than 55% of the 1% commission from eBay.. or is it 2%?

I did continue to use PPC to drive traffic to a good portion of the sites. Looking at YSM stats, I spent $433.29 on PPC in January.. so $400 to make $1500. I’ll still take that. This month, I’ll be writing a in depth how-to on Yahoo YSM techniques I’m using, so keep an eye out for that.

February is on good pace, but since it’s a short month, I “should” have drop in commissions compared to January, but I said that about January as well.

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