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Quantity or Quality?

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So there is a discussion at Digital Point that got me thinking. Is it better to have a 100 good store fronts (eBay or whatever) or a few “quality” earners? In my opinion, the answer is both. Before getting into web development and computers, I was a cook in a restaurant for 10 years, and this question is somewhat similar to what servers use to talk about. Is it better to have lots of small tables (2 tops, etc) or large tables. The argument is based on the fact that large tables usually have high gratuity (tips), but are much harder to maintain and are slower to turn. Where small tables are quick, smaller tips, but at the end of the night you actually get to serve a higher number of people. Usually the person with small tables all night will produce better tips than the person with the big tables.

I posed this question a few years ago to a cab driver in Las Vegas. I asked if he preferred the routes to the airport versus the routes on the strip, and without hesitation he said the short drops on the strip make WAY more money on a regular basis. This is because you can turn a profit with less work and time devoted to it.

I think this applies to affiliate web sites. I like to have “turn and burn” sites that can quickly produce a return. Spending hours on building quality content, working on traffic generation, creating backlinks, etc can take time. We should do it, but I look at these as big tables. The 2 top would be a BANS (but don’t use BANS.. roll your own) and PPC. Something that can quickly bring a profit. I like to have a balance of both. Get the turn and burn sites started to aide in the income foundation, then devote time to your quality sites, which will hopefully return you a better income than the quickies.

Let me know what you all think? Veterans.. am I wrong, am I right? Love to hear everyone’s thoughts.


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