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Spring is here


I’ve gotten a few IMs and emails asking about what has been going on. Sorry about not posting. I have been extremely busy, with both work and affiliate marketing. I hate that feeling when “work” gets in the way of my affiliate marketing plans. I have been on track for launching four sites per month. My quota has been met, and earnings are reflecting this effort. March is looking to be a record breaking month for me!

I’ve learned a few things this Spring. WidgetBucks and Zlio have severely disappointed me in 2008. WidgetBucks most of all, it was so promising, but now conversions are horrible, I have to suspect tracking or internel problem. Zlio looks great, works great, but I’m getting zilch for conversions. I do have to say that I’m not promoting it nearly as much as I should, but I feel like other programs (my own) would be much more profitable. I also gave Amazon another try (this is like the third try), and I have to say I HATE Amazon’s associate program. I get the clicks but no sales. The one day cookie is a nightmare. I think I’ll try introducing it again during x-mas 2008, but I feel like it throws away clicks.

Things that have been working for me… well eBay is still the ultimate winner. I launched a PopShop in February, and I started a small PPC campaign for March to see if I can get some conversions to that shop. I haven’t received anything yet, but the month is still young. I’m torn with PopShops. Currently, I’m using the Pro account ($5/month), but I really need to go Enterprise ($30/month) to take advantage of splitting PIDs across sites, etc. As I type this, I feel like it might be better to focus on making my own storefronts, since I have access to the CJ datafeeds. It just comes down to time.

I’ve been working with a geoIP handling for eBay storefronts which will send users based off of their IPs to their corresponding eBay location (ie: Canadians go to I’m still in initial test phase, but will be sure to show source code on how I did this. Unfortunately, you need to install PHP shared object (PECL) package to the server, so shared hosting clients might be out of luck, but if you’re owning a dedicated server, you’re set!

I also recently created a Twitter account. If you want, “follow me” by going here:

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