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Creating a small backlink network


I’ve discussed a few strategies with other affiliate marketers over the years on how to create a backlink network for your sites. This is also heavily discussed and described well at Wealthy Affiliate.

The goal is to drive organic traffic to your ‘money site’ by improving your page rank score via backlinks. I personally like to drive traffic with a combination of organic and PPC traffic and not restrict myself to one or the other. The down side to this, is it can be difficult to fully see what’s working for you. If you’re doing PPC, you’ll want to be sure you’re capturing keywords somehow. By doing so, you’ll have a better grasp of how traffic is getting there and most importantly, what traffic is converting.

To create a simple network of backlinks, I like to use a couple of sites… Squidoo and Blogger. You’ll want to do some keyword research for phrases and keywords that will match your niche. That basic concept is to link Blogger and Squidoo to your money site. Create a Squidoo lens by writing a good article on the topic. Make sure you include keyword phrases in titles, bold formatting and/or heading tags. Next create a Blogger account and create blogs dedicated to the niche topic, similar to how you did with Squidoo. It’s important that you don’t use the same content in the two locations. They can be similar, but make them different!

After the site is ranked, add your links from Blogger and Squidoo to your money site. I’ve also played with pointing Blogger to Squidoo instead of linking direct to the money site, and vice versa. I’ve also played with linking the money site back to blogger and/or squidoo. It’s important to test and experiment, but it’s just as important to track your results and get some data on how effective your tests were.

You would then grow the network by creating more Squidoo lenses and Blogger sites to promote even further. Again, please do not use the same content!!! Submit your Squidoo and Blogger sites to social networks for some additional action.

Hope this helps!

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