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Expanding revenue sites with review sites


I like to use multiple ‘types’ of sites for generating revenue across my affiliate marketing network. I’ve discussed this before, but in a nutshell, you shouldn’t focus on one ‘type’ of site (ie: just a blog, etc). I like to break sites into the following areas:

  • Affiliate store front
  • Community driven site
  • Forums
  • Blog
  • Landing Page (PPC to offers)
  • Article site

Basically, these are types of sites that you can monetize the traffic. Each type of site has their challenges and rewards. It’s important to identify those sites and to understand how you can gain income from the visitors to those sites.

I recently discovered Word Press Review Sites (WPReviewSite), and was very impressed with the interface and the flexibility of the product. Recently, my wife started getting more involved with affiliate marketing. I pointed her to Word Press and we’ll be implementing this product on her product type blogs. As for me, I’ll be creating a few more Word Press product blogs, but I’ll be working on a designing my own review script for my current store fronts. Reviews are a great opportunity to get user created content with direct links to products or services for affiliate conversions.

I am highly recommending WPReviewSite. It’s currently nicely priced at $97. Same price as BANS (horrible), but is well written and can provide additional quality content for your store front or blog.

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