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More sites or more quality?


Currently, my affiliate efforts seem to be plateauing and I’ve been looking at how to continue the growth in sales. I’ve been looking at various factors that can “boost” my affiliate network. Thoughts of exploring into new niche territory, optimizing PPC efforts, producing more sites and improving existing sites. I’ve had these thoughts multiple times in the past and I believe to continually think is important and healthy in affiliate marketing.

The most common dilemma I often face is deciding on creating more sites or to improve the existing sites I currently have. I do have a good bucket of affiliate sites now, and to increase the count seems to be burdensome, but I do realize the big players out there.. have tons and tons. I also know that when I work on existing sites, I do usually see an boost in sales related to those changes.

Right now, I’m in the belief that I need to do BOTH. Creating new sites, but exploring new niches to find potential hot spots. Without creating new sites, it’s hard to tell if you’re missing a potential great niche. I also took inventory of “not-so-good” sites in my network. I’ve identified those domains and have a plan to get them to work/look similar to my more recent sites, or to add completely new functionality. This is similar to exploring new niches. I might offer a service or present products in a new way that can translate into higher sales.

I’ve said in the past many times, it’s important to test and experiment. If you do so, make sure you watch and track those sites… and most importantly UNDERSTAND what changes you did that led to increase dollars.

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