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When I talk about opportunities, I’m talking about new areas to generate income in the affiliate marketing space. When I travel, talk with people or do something simple as watch TV, I’m always on the look out for new opportunities to diversify my affiliate marketing portfolio of sites or PPC campaigns.

Here are some of the areas I focus on.

TV Commercials

You’ll generally see your basic commercials about weight loss, dating, fitness, etc. There are reasons those commercials play when they do. They’re targeted to a demographic of that particular program. This could help in how you target your PPC campaigns, and to find ‘hot’ offers.

Antique Displays
I was recently on vacation and was walking past various antique stores. In their window displays I would see ‘themes’ of ‘hot’ collectible antiques. I took mental notes of these potential hot niches for EPN store fronts.

Talking to people about their hobbies
I have many friends that are into many different hobbies. Hobbies that I never heard of, which could be great opportunities for affiliate marketing (both used and new items). Your friends could possibly help in content creation or at least you can ‘interview’ them for a general description of that particular hobby. You can also find out what is widely needed for that particular hobby, etc.

I spend a lot of time on Google, as I imagine a lot of you do as well. Pay attention to your searches, but mostly pay attention to the ‘Sponsored Ads’. Take note of high or low competitive areas. Take note on how they write the ad.

I’ve recently become a avid Twitter enthusiast, and I’m really impressed with the information that pops up there. Pay attention to trends, discussions that could be beneficial to follow. Learn from others on Twitter to see how they promote their goods or services while you’re exploring new niches or opportunities.

There are lots of ways to find new opportunities, but the first step is to open your eyes and ears, and identifying these potential hot spots. After you’ve identified some potential opportunities, convert those to test sites or campaigns. Identify, digest, produce then repeat.

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