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Migrating Money-Code from Drupal to WordPress


So I was really getting annoyed with Drupal and thought I would make the push to WordPress. Surprisingly, the migration went pretty easy for the most part (relating to posts and comments). This site was a great resource for the SQL updates:

After I migrated to WordPress, I needed to update my posts that had code blocks (example code). I went with “Dean’s Code Highlighter“, which appears to work fine. For now, I’m working with a temporary theme while I develop better theme. The other issue that I needed to address was updating my feed at Feedburner with the new WordPress feed address. After I did this, I thought about doing a mod_rewrite which would have eliminated that need. Oh well. I’m psyched that I can now post my latest post in my Digital Point profile. I was unable to do that with the Drupal RSS format.

I should be completely done adding tags and assigning categories later today. After that I’ll start posting a few new posts.

Thanks everyone!


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