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Diversifying beyond affiliate marketing for additional earnings

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pie-chartToday I was thinking about different areas where to make earnings. I noticed on Twitter that someone posted a update regarding a freelance service. After checking it out (related to cutting layouts into valid XHTML code templates) I started to think that becoming a affiliate or internet marketer goes beyond just the sales of products or services.

Many affiliate marketers have skills that others lack. Skills that are valuable to other internet or affiliate marketers but also skills that go beyond this field and into the standard workings and requirements of the internet itself.

To me, a internet or affiliate marketer is a entrepreneur that is trying to find opportunities to make a living solely by their own means. No bosses, no schedule but based only on the desire of calling their own shots.  As of now, I’m still not a full time affiliate marketer, but I am a full time entrepreneur. I’ve owned my own web development business for five years, and I added affiliate marketing to the business as a way to diversify. And now I’m want to make that a focus. But you could definitely look at it the other way. Affiliate marketers should definitely look at selling services to make a few dollars to diversify your income streams.

Looking at the freelance service, I was thinking that many marketers, could do simple coding project, or design work, or content writing that has nothing to do with the affiliate marketing field and make a few dollars during down times. Also this could provide networking opportunities or potential niche research with the clients you’re working with.

I already mentioned Wealthy Affiliate’s Jobs area that provides a venue for programmers and designers to be hired within the affiliate community. Digital Point might be another place to look for these opportunities. Freelance sites are all over the internet and could be a wealth of opportunity.

The bottom line, diversity is very important be it niches or affiliate strategies, but diversifying your income stream could save your bacon.

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