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Something is up with Twitter Follower count (0 Followers)


twitter_logoToday, I was helping a client set up their first Twitter account. She placed a few tweets, basically a intro and links to her Facebook business page and actual web site. We started following a few people, and she was getting the “So and so is following you on Twitter” email, so I thought that was good. But when we went to her profile, it showed 0 Followers?! I followed her with my account, she got the email, but the page still shows 0 Followers. Oddly, when I refreshed my page (when it was on her profile), the “You are following” message turned into the “Follow” button, as if it didn’t stick?

I heard that they were correcting follower counts this week, adjusting banned/suspended accounts from the count (apparently those remained in the follow count), but something seems messed up. I logged into another Twitter account that I’ve been working with and I saw that my 200+ followers were reduced to 0 followers like my client?

Here are some links with others describing the same thing:…8141623AAMGfQK…/37611?page=41

Hopefully this is just a simple glitch in the system and things will be restored? I’m hoping that these are ‘suspended’ or ‘banned’ accounts now. Logging in and participating with the individuals you’re following remains the same, so I definitely don’t get it. Why some accounts are affected while others are is puzzling too? Could be taking a while for the follower count to propagate throughout the system?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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