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Staying on top of your blog posts

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icon_bigOne of the great features for Word Press blogs is the ability to Schedule your posts. I recently converted this blog from Drupal to WordPress, and I’m very impressed with this feature. In Drupal, I was unable to schedule posts, I could date them ‘ahead’, but I wanted posts to just appear on a daily basis. This could have been a Drupal plugin that I needed to install, but it was never pressing enough for me to spend some time to look for it. Now having this feature automatically in WordPress, I’m realizing what I’ve been missing.

The schedule piece is a great way to get your blog posting on a daily or semi daily basis. Now, when I have a few free moments, I look in my ‘idea’ list for potential blog topics or tips and crank out a article or two and get myself ahead of the game. Again, this is another great opportunity to actual work while watching TV, etc.

If you haven’t switched to WordPress, you might want to give it a look. If you do, please remember to keep it up to date, since security vulnerabilities is a growing problem with this widely popular blogging platform.

One Comment

  1. Yeah, that feature keeps me a week ahead. I normally write my articles on Sunday for the week and crank out a few more articles on Monday. My readers always ask how do I write a article everyday, I always tell them every article you see was written days ago. 🙂

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