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Wealthy Affiliate University features and benefits


waI often get asked what the big deal is with Wealthy Affiliate, and if it’s right for them. Wealthy Affiliate has many things to offer and is not just a single ‘thing’. That’s the first item to understand. It can provide many benefits and those benefits are combined with some solid affiliate marketing techniques it teaches, to me, make this program a very useful and profitable program.

I wanted to break down some of the features and benefits. I’m sure their promotional video might show more, but wanted to give me opinion on a few of these items.

Their forum community is fantastic. A excellent blend of rookies to seasoned vets. To me, the forum is worth the price of subscription on it’s own. Since it’s a ‘pay’ site, you get rid of all the riff-raff, and you provide a venue for individuals that are trying to succeed and stick it out in the affiliate marketing space.

Share Zone
Here is a place where the community publicly posts resources. Individuals can rate resources. You could spend days in here.

Site Rubix/Hosting
This is FREE hosting for landing pages, etc. If you wanted to experiment with sites, and not want to immediately purchase hosting, etc. You could use your Site Rubix account. I played with some PPC to landing page type hosting here. Site Rubix allows you to easily create some simple sites. I don’t particularly use that tool.. but I do use the hosting.

Rapid Writer
I just started looking at this tool. I’m not the world’s greatest writer, so I didn’t look at this too much. But this is great. It’s a simple article editor. It allows you to research keywords (showing quoted results, etc). It’ll also check your keyword density. I ended up writing some content and bringing it into here for some tweaking. I also start here to see what keyword competition is like. I know SEO Book has some similar tools as well.

Spaces is fun. It’s basically like a little social network where you can ‘buddy’ with people. You can update your profile with photo, bio. Profile also has a blog feature where I sometimes promote blog entries for this blog.

I just wrote about jobs, but this is a great resource where you can hire people to write content or do PHP programming, or vice-versa and offer your own services to make a few dollars on the side. This is a FANTASTIC tool. I like the ability to outsource some of these tasks (ie: content writing).

This is basically a link cloak and link click tracking tool. Basically you add the target link, and it gives you a link that acts as a middle man.

KW Tool
Keyword Research Tool is something I’m learning more and more about. Along with my PPC efforts, I’ve been trying to pump up my natural organic results. Learning about keywords, competition and density can be extremely useful for PPC and/or SEO work.

8 Week Action Plan
This is the step by step plan where they prep you into affiliate marketing. This is great for complete new-comers to the system. The draw back is that the plans are laid out in weeks, so you can’t jump ahead. I guess, that really isn’t a draw back, it’s a way to pace yourself and digest the material it throws at you. It starts off very simple with basic assignments to familiarize yourself with their interface and portal, and then off to solid techniques of content writing to SEO, etc. This is fantastic for beginners and a great refresher course for veterans out there or a way to give a vet a new point of view.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a nice affiliate program where you can earn income from sign ups.  If money is tight but want to subscribe, immediately promote this program on your blog, etc. Your monthly subscription could be free with only a couple of sign ups. It’s quite simple.

There are many more features like NicheQ, Research Center, Marketing Matrials, Accreditations, Learning Center, etc. The place is massive with a large community and plenty of materials to read and learn. I highly recommend this program! If this sounds interesting, please sign up! Register at Wealthy Affiliate!

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