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Is EPN stressing you out?


ebay-partner-networkSo, is EPN stressing you out with the new rule changes and another apparent wave of bannings?

Over the last few weeks EPN announced various changes ranging from validating domains, no longer allowing URL shortening services and grey area of trademark domains. Also, it appears that they’re cracking down on round tripping (either via eBay about me page, store or PPC via YSM). Reading the forums, we’re now seeing the ‘I got banned’ posts which makes things a little uneasy. Here are a few things that you should be doing.

  1. Validate your domains via EPN’s control panel (Account -> Domains)
  2. Archive and stop all sites that are using trademark domains in the FQDN
  3. Add eBay sites to your exclude lists in your YSM account
  4. Make sure you’re not round tripping anywhere
  5. Make sure you’re not purchasing eBay items through your eBay link (I would clear all cookies prior to bidding).
  6. Do not post auctions on sites you don’t own ( sites,, Twitter, Squidoo, etc).
  7. Do not use URL shortening services.

If you do get the email it’s important to be professional and persistent and try to create a line of communication with them to correct the issue and be re-instated into the EPN program. Do not give up and focus on re-establishing your account. With that said, it’s also important to be diversified into other areas (CJ, Amazon, PPC to offers/products, etc).

These changes and wave of bannings does concern me, but I feel like I’ve been very quick to make my appropriate changes to comply with the new rules. Don’t be lazy folks, and get on it.


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