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Talk to your merchant contact at CJ about coupons!


cj_logoPersonally, I think this is a good tip and can be applied to other affiliate merchant networks, but I primarily focus on Commission Junction. It’s important to contact your merchant contacts and request that you get updated with information regarding deals, coupons, promotions, etc. This is a incredibly useful for providing some useful content besides the usual product information.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on creating various WordPress hub blogs within my niches. When there are promotions and specifically coupons, I like to blog about them. I’m notified by several of my merchant contacts as soon as they’re released, then I also like to tweet the blog entry regarding those offers.

I see this creating value to my hub blogs. Basically, people are starting to sign up to my RSS feeds to find promotional opportunities. If you haven’t done so, contact your contacts at CJ and request that you get mailed promotions! Might help with your commissions!


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