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Over the last two months, I’ve been working two new (not sure why new to me) areas of affiliate or internet marketing. Those are areas are the use of tools to speed up research and processes and more serious approach to SEO (Search Engine Marketing).

This post, in a way, combines the two. A few people in the past had recommended the SubmitEdge service, but I thought I take a closer look last week. What is SubmitEdge? It’s a service that will submit your site depending on the service you desire. Their description says it quite well:

SubmitEdge is an Ethical Search Engine Optimization Firm offering | Search Engine Optimization | Link Building | Directory Submission | Article Submission | Blog Review | SEO Web Design | Content Writing | Press Release | other SEO Solutions

Ok, this sounds ‘good’, but I wasn’t sold. I’ve heard and read this before. I was waiting for the punchline, etc. One of the things I was mostly interested in was their Directory Submission SEO service. I’ve been working on getting more backlinks to my ‘test’ SEO site and saw that they offer a great deal for this.

Here is what they have to say about their Directory Submission service:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has started turning submission to directories and articles to its advantage. You could have an excellent website, and you may have the latest e-commerce technology and the best graphic design work. Now comes the tricky part: choosing an SEO firm. There’s a long list of SEO firms claiming that they can do submission to directories, link building and article submission, but does a chocolate website really need to build links to an oil merchant directory?

Google has implemented LSI and has already started shunting out link farms, and pointless paid links. For any SEO firm or webmaster, the most worthwhile ways forward are articles and other web contents. Not only does our article submission service ensure that all incoming links to your site are ‘relevant,’ we also ensure that your precious time and resources are not wasted on futile link building.

Our submission services ensure that each manual directory, we submit to is relevant to your site; each directory is chosen based on pedigree and reliability. Any major search engine that actually catalogues and indexes a directory has to meet certain criteria. Our service ensures that each directory, we submit to has been thoroughly researched and not blacklisted by any search engine. Better still,- we offer only one-way linking services so no reciprocal links are required.

Their key features related to Directory Submission:

  1. They manually submit to all directories. They have a 68 member staff that are well trained and they follow all submission guidelines.
  2. The links that you get are one-way permanent links for your website; no reciprocal links are required.
  3. They constantly, review, verify and update all the links in our 8000+ directories.
  4. They provide excellent customer service; all queries will be answered within 24 hours.
  5. They give a full report on submissions.
  6. They submit your site to directories with high PR rank.
  7. Each submission to directory will cost you 8 cents; our directory submits are among the most competitively priced on the Internet.
  8. They allow their users to give 10 unique titles and 10 unique descriptions to avoid duplication of content.

As #7 pointed out, we’re talking 8 cents per directory! That’s gold to me. The amount of time and effort for me to do this is WAY more expensive. I initially went with the 200 Directory Submission Service Package – 7 Days with only costs $25.00! To me this price is fantastic. What I’m looking for is the quality backlinks. They do submit to multiple PR rated directories.

The process is very simple as well. After you pay for a service package, you are directed to a form. This form will ask you some basic information:

  1. Name (which could be real or fake.. whatever)
  2. URL (root URL to your site)
  3. Titles 1-10 (Here is where you would include keywords in variations of your title)
  4. Long Description 1-10 (Here is where would include different descriptions including keywords)
  5. Keywords (keywords associated to your submissions – long and short tail)
  6. Category 1-5 (Different categories depending on what the directory offers)

My package is a 7 Day submit, so they will submit to 200 directories over the course of 7 days. They have various packages.. like SEO-Friendly 5000 Directory Submission Service – 500 Manual Directory Submissions every 15 days for 150 Days. As you can see, directory submissions for 15 days over the course of 150 days. Makes it VERY natural. This service costs ($499), but getting 5000 submission is pretty sweet. Services range from $15 (100 Directory Submission – 5 Days) to $499 (what I mentioned earlier), so you can find something that fits your needs or budget.

If you’re looking to pump up your backlinks, I would take a very close look at SubmitEdge, and paying $10 or $25 is a no-brainer for testing!

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