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EPN webinar about Quality Click Pricing


ebay-partner-networkSo I tuned into the webinar this morning. It was basically the sam re-hash as the previous webinar. I thought they did a better job defining what they’re looking for as far as traffic. It was hard to determine initially what they felt was quality traffic for eBay, but they did very thorough job explaining (I thought).

They also provided a useful slide asking what publishers should be asking themselves relating to eBay quality traffic:

Does my website provide a good, clean experience which could lead people to be interested in making a purchase?

  • Move value in rich, unique content that helps engage people
  • More value in well thought-through integrations that encourage people to buy and help people consider eBay for purchases they might not have
  • Less value in thin landing pages packed full of eBay listings and ads

Is the website that I’m putting eBay advertising on a good fit for eBay?

  • More value in placements that have commercial relevance
  • Less value in un-targeted and remnant inventory placements

The one item I was hoping for was a better definition of ‘thin’ sites. Thin sites can be thin in content, but very targeted and useful to the end user. It almost seemed like they were referring to thin as generic sites that have EKs on them, with no targeting value. Either way, it would be good to thicken up your sites regardless.

It was also unclear about the termination due to low performing EPC. They mentioned that they would need way more historic data before any drastic action would take place, but it seems ‘odd’ that a account termination would be included with poor EPC. Their purpose is to punish poor performers while rewarding good performers via earnings. Seems like being a poor performer would result in low earnings, and either the publisher would improve their site or leave. Not sure why a termination would be in order here. It’s also not very clear at what level this occurs. If I have a earning account and one campaign is poor.. what does that mean?


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