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Great deal on Dell PowerEdge T110 Server!


Great deal on Dell PowerEdge T110 Server!As an programmer / affliate marketer servers are extremely important to me. Sure I do take advantage of HostGator share hosting servers, but usually with quick and dirty web sites. Anything that involves thinking outside of the box will require my own server since there are packages, centralization, globalization of code that I would like to use. I also like to use my own servers for security and managing the traffic that hit my web sites. But, I’m talking production.

I always test my sites and develop my sites on several development servers. Those servers are here in my office and are an extremely valuable asset to my business. I also use servers as file servers. I’m sorta freaky about backups. I love backups. I love incremental backups. For me to maintain these backups, I need to have disk and servers to manage them. So.. you probably get it.. servers are important.

The reason for this post, is that I buy my servers (development and file servers) from Dell. I always wait for specials that they run, and you can get crazy awesome deals for servers. I just was notified about a deal going on right now.

Currently they’re offering a Dell PowerEdge T110 Server with a 24″ ViewSonice Widescreen Black LCD Monitor for only $479. This includes FREE 3-5 day shipping. Not bad at all! This will be a system without a operating system, which is perfect if you’re messing around with Linux, but it would be easy to install Windows if needed. You should be able to upgrade or customize the server directly from Dell, but obviously the price would go up.

Here are the specific details of the offer:

Dell PowerEdge T110 Server with 24″ ViewSonic Widescreen Black LCD Monitor
Intel Xeon X3430 Processor
2GB Memory
250GB Hard Drive
Free 3-5 Day Ground Shipping!

For more information Dell PowerEdge T110 Server with a 24″ ViewSonic Monitor offer for only $479, click here.

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