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Outsourcing Jobs with Wealthy Affiliate

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waAs you know, I’ve been a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate. I subscribed to their online training about a year ago, and was very impressed with what they offer. Most importantly, I’m most impressed with their side tools and community. One of the great features the provide is the ‘WA Jobs’. This is a community area where individuals can post jobs or you can bid on jobs that are available. If you’re a programmer, you can post your job profile and have people contact you for development work. A nice way to make a few bucks. Likewise this is great if you’re a marketer, but not a programmer.

I like to this particular service for getting content for my store fronts. You can hire writers, proof readers, SEOs, PPC help, etc.

There are some rules that need to be understood prior to bidding, here are the rules. As you can see they’re fair.

WA Jobs allows members to work with one another and utilize the great community of Internet Marketers that we have here at Payment is handled between the Owner, and Bidder, and is not something that we facilitate here at WA. Prior to accepting someone for a job that you post, make sure to communicate with them and determine a payment method / schedule. After a job is complete, please do not forget to leave feedback on the user’s performance. Positive feedback will ensure that the user is able to secure new jobs in the future!

You must be a Wealthy Affiliate member to be able to interact with WA jobs. I highly recommend WA. Besides the jobs area there are many tools and aides available. The community (and forum) are fantastic, and are great places to learn if you’re beginning in the affiliate marketing world. If you’re interested in joining, please click here.

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