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September 8, 2008
by admin

EPN Bannings and EPC

I wanted to sit and stew over this for a bit. If you’re a EPN affiliate, then you should be well aware of the mass account bannings that occurred on Aug 20th. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t get banned (knocking on wood!), but it definitely left a sour taste in my mouth.

There are some clues and information that came from this to possibly help in the prevention of a banning if this happens to your or I. The first common factor that I’ve seen is that users have low EPC, usually under $10. The other factor that I see is that ACRUs seem to be a large percentage of their earnings, approximately 40% or greater. To me this combination says a few things, and are part of EPN’s banning criteria.

EPN stated that they want engaged traffic. EPN also stated that they would start qualifying ACRUs. Both of these statements seem to be related to EPC/ACRU. They want people to go to their site and buy. Not sign up (potentially illegitimately ). And not for people to browse and leave.

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