Coding For Online Success

September 23, 2007
by admin

My thoughts on the big 3 – Shoemoney, ProBlogger and Chow

First off I want to say that I’m very new to the area of making money online via passive income streams. I’ve been in the field of web development over the course of 8 years, and my primary source of income is designing web applications for clients. So I’m not new with the web… just the enterprise of affiliate marketing and professional blogging.

When I started, I stared with Google AdSense on a community site resource web site I stared in 2000. Earnings were incredibly meager, approximately $5 – $15 per month. Nothing to get excited about, but as the months went by and my education of this field grew, earnings have been steadily increasing. My sites have grown, and I’ve joined multiple networks to help understand what pays for me, and what is not working so hot. Now, I’m breaking the $1000 per month threshold. Still nothing to get too excited about, but I’m seeing trends, and I’m starting to understand the ‘game’.

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