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Abstract modelI currently have many domains focusing on primary niches with additional micro-niche sites. Over the years, I’ve paid little attention to SEO aspects on generating traffic. One reason I haven’t been a fan is the type of visitors that sometimes arrive to the site organically.  Last year I wrote a post titled “Readers vs. Buyers” that discuss getting targeted visitors that want to buy to your site. I always felt that general SEO traffic would be “readers”, but now, I realize that I am WRONG with this thinking. In general terms, I was correct, but you definitely could target organic “buyers” by focusing on the proper keywords and couple that with useful hub blogs to bring interested buyers to your EPN or CJ store front pages.

One of the keys to gather any kind of organic traffic is to create MANY quality backlinks to your sites. Currently, I’m focusing on establishing backlinks to the hub blogs since these sites will be content rich and will work easily with continued updates to social networks and bookmark sites. Of course inside of these hub blogs there will be many links going to my store front domains based on keywords.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going into more detail on how I’m getting backlinks and some of the tools I’m using to help automate the process.


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