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Abstract modelI currently have many domains focusing on primary niches with additional micro-niche sites. Over the years, I’ve paid little attention to SEO aspects on generating traffic. One reason I haven’t been a fan is the type of visitors that sometimes arrive to the site organically.  Last year I wrote a post titled “Readers vs. Buyers” that discuss getting targeted visitors that want to buy to your site. I always felt that general SEO traffic would be “readers”, but now, I realize that I am WRONG with this thinking. In general terms, I was correct, but you definitely could target organic “buyers” by focusing on the proper keywords and couple that with useful hub blogs to bring interested buyers to your EPN or CJ store front pages.

One of the keys to gather any kind of organic traffic is to create MANY quality backlinks to your sites. Currently, I’m focusing on establishing backlinks to the hub blogs since these sites will be content rich and will work easily with continued updates to social networks and bookmark sites. Of course inside of these hub blogs there will be many links going to my store front domains based on keywords.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going into more detail on how I’m getting backlinks and some of the tools I’m using to help automate the process.


  1. I can’t wait to hear more about how you acquire backlinks. I think quality backlinks with the good anchor text is the key. The problem is getting those backlinks. A directory listing doesn’t utilize anchor text. Blog comments do but most are no followed and I don’t think Google views them as highly as I would like. Social bookmarking confuses me so I have done very little of that. Emailing other webmasters seems to be the next best thing but that is time consuming and most of the time the responses are not favorable.

    Anway, looking forward to your info on how you do it.

  2. Hello

    Thanks for commenting! I think you touched on all the areas (blogs are great if they’re the right blogs), also social bookmarking is great. You say it confuses you, but it something that you can really take advantage of. I think the concepts are somewhat easy to grasp, but the ability to automate and replicate is the tough part. You don’t want to spend all of your hours posting links.

    I think your comment about emailing webmasters is a great one. I think that method will get you the biggest bang for your buck. Another way similar to that is to do guest posting. I’ve done very little of that in the past, but will be looking for opportunities in the future. That’s a great way to get a quality backlink.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Guest posting is great. I did some writing for one of the most trafficked sites in one of my niches a couple of years ago. It brought me a bunch of new traffic and some links.

    I have played around with Social Marker to sort of automate the bookmarking process. I need to get back to that.

    On a side note I have found your posts on DP helpful as well. Do you participate in any similar forums?
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  4. Digital Point is about the only marketing forum I frequent. I tried ABestWeb (I think that’s what it is) but it seems too slow. I’d love to find another marketing type forum that is good. I hate the fact the eBay doesn’t have it’s own forum there, but the CJ discussions are decent.


  5. In order to succeed within the “social bookmarking” area, you’d have to have some real killer content – not just the everyday average/great articles, am I right? I mean, there’s sooo many articles/posts out there and I would guess that most “social bookmarking” users are already somewhat tech savvy and not that easy to impress.
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