Coding For Online Success


My name is Hanji. That is a nickname, once you get to know me, I might let you know my real name. I live in Montana and have been working in internet and affiliate marketing since 2007.

I own a web development business and spend many hours a day working on client projects, but every chance I get I try to improve my affiliate position in this highly competitive field. Since I have a background in web programming (primiarly PHP/MySQL) I have the opportunity to see and understand new technologies and ideas on how to generate a income on the net. But affiliate marketing is definitely much more than code, it’s truly about marketing, design and people skills.

I created this blog primarily as a repository of thoughts and code snippets, but I’m also hoping that I can reach out to a few like-minded individuals to see if we can pool or talents to form a profitable network of programmers, marketers and designers.  So far it’s been going slow, but I’ve met some fantastic people along the way.

If you care to stay in touch, please drop me a line via the contact form, or friend me on Twitter and subscribe to my RSS feed.

Hope to talk with you soon!