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May 22, 2009
by admin

More sites or more quality?

Currently, my affiliate efforts seem to be plateauing and I’ve been looking at how to continue the growth in sales. I’ve been looking at various factors that can “boost” my affiliate network. Thoughts of exploring into new niche territory, optimizing PPC efforts, producing more sites and improving existing sites. I’ve had these thoughts multiple times in the past and I believe to continually think is important and healthy in affiliate marketing.

The most common dilemma I often face is deciding on creating more sites or to improve the existing sites I currently have. I do have a good bucket of affiliate sites now, and to increase the count seems to be burdensome, but I do realize the big players out there.. have tons and tons. I also know that when I work on existing sites, I do usually see an boost in sales related to those changes.

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October 29, 2008
by admin

Update on my personal 30 day challenge

Okay, a few people were asking how my 30 day challenge has been going. I initially discussed this on the ‘getting inspired‘ posted earlier this month. The challenge was to create three new sites and to see if I could generate $100 in net sales. I would be happy with making $100 in gross sales, but I wanted to see if it was possible.

It took me a good part of the first two weeks to get the sites created, but I was able to get the three finished and live. That left the remainder of the month to push traffic to these sites and see if any of them were good. I picked three different niches. One proven earner for me, one occasional earning niche and the last was a total experimental niche. I also used a variety of EPN, AdSense, PopShops/CJ. I also tried to use new improved layouts and functionality. One site I was able to integrate EPN/API with GoogleMaps/API for extended search capability.

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February 22, 2008
by admin
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Quantity or Quality?

So there is a discussion at Digital Point that got me thinking. Is it better to have a 100 good store fronts (eBay or whatever) or a few “quality” earners? In my opinion, the answer is both. Before getting into web development and computers, I was a cook in a restaurant for 10 years, and this question is somewhat similar to what servers use to talk about. Is it better to have lots of small tables (2 tops, etc) or large tables. The argument is based on the fact that large tables usually have high gratuity (tips), but are much harder to maintain and are slower to turn. Where small tables are quick, smaller tips, but at the end of the night you actually get to serve a higher number of people. Usually the person with small tables all night will produce better tips than the person with the big tables.

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