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As some of you know, if you’ve been following me, I primarily focus on storefronts, either with EPN or CJ or a mixture of both. Overall, they are light in content, and I’m in the process of pumping them up with category descriptions and additional home page content, etc. I’ve often thought about including blogs for these sites, but unfortunately, most of my money makers are micro-niche sites. Niches that are very narrow and specific. I have many micro-niche sites that are related to a primary niche of field. The thought of including blogs would be extremely difficult.

What I’m deciding to do is to create, what I’m going to call, a “hub blog”. Basically, I’m going to take one of my primary niche sites that have slowed down a bit, which is related to several micro-niche sites and convert that into a storefront/blog. By doing this, I can blog on various topics that can cover one or more of my micro-niche sites and include backlinks, coupons, discounts, etc related. I’ll also be able to create a blog roll of all my micro-niche sites on this blog.

After I create a few of my hub blogs by identifying primary niches my micro-niches are related to, I’ll work on schedule of writing (possibly contracting out some freelance work), and promoting this on many social networks including Twitter.

There are a few things I’m liking about this idea.

  1. This will be easier to maintain and write for
  2. This will give me a platform to promote offers to multiple sites in a single area
  3. This will help create a brand for the primary niche which I can promote with a identity (ie: on Twitter)

I will most likely be using WordPress for these blogs. I’ve created several ‘support sites’ using Blogger, etc. which I will continue to do. Anything to increase the traffic and backlink network should help in the end. I’ll keep you posted.

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