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Shoemoney’s Google Adsense Check


Over at, Jeremy takes some time to answer some common questions regarding his $132,994.97 AdSense check. He also provided CTR report (authorized by Google) so you can really see what kind of action he got to get that check. How would you like 4000+ clicks a day.. damn.

One question he didn’t answer and I wish was commonly asked, does he still bring in those numbers with AdSense? I see he’s still using AdSense at, but obviously his ringtone offers have to exceed that by much much more.

So, I ask myself, how did he do this? I believe it’s a combination of luck (creating a great site at the perfect time), but needs to be coupled with great marketing to promote the site and get the good traffic. NextPimp is also a ‘community’ site, meaning much (or all) content is generated by the individuals there. Which brings me to my next point, we as developer/marketers should be thinking multi-dimensionally when it comes to creating our applications. I’ve mentioned in the past we should diversify our applications and our revenue streams. Create standard eBay store fronts, CJ store fronts, blogs, but roll the dice on a community generated site as well. These types of sites take much more work initially, but can bring in some good cash with subscribed banner sales, etc. When BANS gets banned… all of your eggs are in one basket. Spread them out into different application types.


  1. Why Would a BANs website get banned? and who would ban it, google, yahoo or msn?

  2. Hello Jeremy

    Thanks for commenting. This is a good question. I’m thinking there may be some ‘culling’ in Google’s index in regards to BANS in the future. Since the popularity has increased, and the quality of BANS contribution to the public being low (in most cases), I can see Google removing these sites from their index. I think eBay store fronts in general will be fine, but BANS has such a spammy footprint and a easy algorithm to find and remove.

    I could be wrong, and this is just my opinion (which doesn’t mean much), but seeing BANS sites being dropped or penalized could be a possibility.

    If I was a BANS user, I would make some customizations to change the footprint.


  3. i am just starting out with Google Adsense. i am hoping that i would earn a good deal of money on this program.

  4. it seems that my Adsense earnings this month have plumetted. i don’t know why ~

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