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December numbers locked at CJ


All I have to say is that now I’m a full believer that money can be made with CJ. I’ve been making a few bucks consistently over the months for 2007, but December was my big push for the Christmas buying frenzy. The numbers finally locked yesterday for December, and my total was $1466.90, including eBay performance incentive! Counting AdSense, banner sales for the month, donations, etc. I ended up with a grand total of $1700. For the year, my net was $8500. My original goal was $10,000 for 2007, but I feel good about where I ended for the year. I definitely 2008 will be a very productive year. I wanted to post these numbers to help inspire the new recruits out there trying to make a buck or two. This time last year, I was making about $100 per month

Now, the trick is to see if I can do this consistently on a monthly basis. My January is definitely down compared to December numbers, but I’m optimistic that I’ll break $1000 for the month overall. I think the big factor in December were for eBay ACRUs. They just seem to come and come, almost daily.

Again, as I keep saying, the trick for me was using “quality” PPC campaigns on “qualified” niche stores. The other piece of the puzzle is to create multiple niche experiments and focus on the winners. Develop a network. Stay productive. Stay positive. Stay focused. It’s easy to become lazy and let things fade away. It’s about creating a foundation. Once the foundation is set, you’ll see consistent income. Add to the foundation, and your earnings will grow with it.

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