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NeverBlue AdsIn preparation for starting various PPC campaigns relating to offers and products, I thought I would first start by joining various networks. I’m already a member of a few ‘product’ type networks, but when it comes to offers, I’m really not with anyone. Based off of some of the things I saw on the Top Affiliate Challenge, I thought I’d start with NeverBlue Ads.

Applying was easy, but I was disappointed to receive a rejection email. It stated that I did not answer the phone when they called for verification. This is odd. I have my phone on my 24/7 and never received a call. I gave them a call to discuss and getting approved with NeverBlue was a snap. It was also cool to talk with my affiliate manager and immediately bounce some ideas and offers around. He gave me a few leads of excellent performing offers, so I’ll start with these.

I think initially, I’ll be adding a few banners to existing sites to see if I get a few nibbles, before jumping immediately to PPC. During this, I’ll be doing additional research on keywords and working on a landing page strategy. I want to have a plan, budget and goal before I launch anything in the PPC arena. I also need to decide if I want to go with YSM or just jump straight into Adwords?

I’ll keep you posted!

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