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Top Affiliate Challenge and Wealthy Affiliate – my thoughts


Top Affiliate Challenge (TAC)

Well, I already touched upon my feelings about the production of TAC. The worst had to have been episode #5. Worst editing ever! But, I have to say there was a glimmer of hope in #5. They went into some interesting tips. A nice grey-hat nugget by John Chow. That was a good sign. Now, I watched Episode #6 yesterday, and was happy to see that they improved the video slightly. They changed the size of that annoying logo so it doesn’t cover people’s faces any longer. Glad it took them 5 episodes to figure that one out. This episode clearly lacked ‘drama’ in the sense of the competition, so they at least padded it with some good tips. I thought the tips they provided were of good quality, which got me to scratch my head a bit. I started looking at AWeber and Van Clute’s talk about PPC was good too. It was pretty fundamental concept of split testing ads, but he conveyed it well. I have to say, after #6.. I do have some hope for the show. I’m curious how they’re going to re-integrate Shoemoney.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

It’s been 3 days since I became a member of WA, and I have to say I’m impressed. I think initially this membership offers services and instructions for complete novices to affiliate marketing, but the quality of tools they provide and their Learning Center (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) provides some incredibly useful information for everyone. They also provide a link cloak tracking tool where you can monitor PPC campaigns with your affiliate links to see how affective they are. I already started masking my links with this tool. Along with the link tool they have a great keyword tool and great research tools for Clickbank, etc. I’m hoping to create some relationships with veterans and tap into the good stuff and advice.

I would have to say that I’m mostly impressed with the community there. Everyone is incredibly kind and helpful. Since it’s membership based, you do not see any scams or spams in the forum, etc. There is a lot of advice and great ‘sticky’ posts that are worth their weight in gold for sure.

My only criticism so far, and I’m only complaining because I’m impatient, is their 8 Week Action Plan. They provide you a 8 Week Action Plan that supposedly gets you on the road with PPC and campaigns, but you have to wait every week for a new plan. The first week was to basically familiarizing yourself with the site.. which is fine, but I’d like to get my feet wet and start on something. I know if they provided all lessons.. I would have ended up doing them all the first night and probably not take the time to really let it soak in. I understand their logic, so it’s a small complaint.

I’ll keep you posted once I start some kind of venture based off of the action plan.

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