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Social Marker

The latest, greatest tool I discovered to help work on backlinks is Social Marker. This is a great tool to quickly update your social bookmarks with new site launches. You simply add the title, URL, description text and tags. Then you select what sites you’d like to submit to. You can pre-select sites based on popularity, dofollow links, news, etc. One thing that is super great is the ability to easily register to sites you’re not yet registered with.

At first I was a bit confused. It basically uses a frameset to send you to the various social bookmarking sites. You click login, then submit to insert the data. Some sites require you to manually add bookmark data, but most will be auto-populated with the social marker script. When you’re done, you click ‘next’ in the tab and it sends you to the next site.

I started using this while working on my own 30 day challenge. As of 10/18, I was able to create the three sites originally set. I have made a total of $35 in gross earnings. I’m promoting all three sites with PPC, so my net is basically break even right now. Two of the sites are showing great promise, so we’ll see if things kick up before the end of the month. Regardless, it was good to get out three new sites.

Coming soon, I’ll be putting together my step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing. No eBook, just the basics of what I’ve been doing. So check back soon.

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