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EPN Newsletter – Referring URL Visibilty


So I just received a new EPN newsletter, and the first item displayed is regarding referring URL visibility. Here is a what they said:

We believe that transparency of referring URLs is vital to assessing traffic’s quality. For example, if an advertiser books outdoor billboards, they see where those ads appear and we believe the same should be true of Affiliate Marketing! It is therefore important to make sure your websites or tools are sending accurate referring URLs to eBay when traffic is passed through affiliate links. If we notice a high percentage of your traffic is not showing referring URLs, we will need you to resolve this as only a small percentage should be blocked by browsers. Soon we’ll be posting a series of tips on the blog that can help ensure your referring urls are being passed to our system.

This is a little troubling since I’ve been redirecting EPN clicks back to my website and then directing those clicks to EPN via PHP’s header() function. This makes all of my links appear that they’re all links within my site.

I’ll be doing some tests today to see how I can provide them with referrer info while maintaining my current system on EPN storefronts.


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