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Automatic Backlink Creator


Automatic Backlink CreatorHere is a interesting plugin I stumbled upon. The Automatic Backlink Creator is a wordpress plugin that will automatically create backlinks for you when you create a post. There are currently 1,876 sites in their network (as of 1/7/2011). You can also use this plugin for articles as well. Basically you can write spun articles and submit them to the network form the admin panel.

For me, a few questions came to mind. Is this available for unlimited domains? Any conditions when using the plugin?

– You can install it on all of your domains. There is a activation code.
– There are terms related to the network (can’t use them on adult sites, gambling, mediation, etc.).

You purchase the plugin AND the network, so there is a monthly charge.

I found this testimonial video on the Automatic Backlink Creator

This video was submitted by BruteForceWealth.

If this sounds good to you, then check out Automatic Backlink Creator today! If you have any personal experience with this plugin, please comment below. Love to hear the good and bad!

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