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Plans for 2017


So, oddly, I’ve been asked by a few people what Money-Code has been up to recently. I’ve let the site go and completely stopped posting. Did I stop marketing? Nope. Did I stop coding? Nope.

What I have been doing is sitting on my laurels. Over the last few years, I created a pretty impressive network of sites earning passive income. Those sites have been focusing on EPN and Amazon earnings for the most part.  But, I also have been focusing on my community based sites. I don’t call those passive, since I post or work on those daily, and it takes a lot of time and energy, but there is substance there.

Google likes that substance.  Slowly over the years.. all the various Google algorithm changes have been eating away and chipping at my EPN/Amazon sites. All of that work creating RSS and API feeds with enhanced searches of auctions and products is viewed as thin sites and in turn most have been de-indexed.

2016 was a clean up year for me. Instead of grasping at sites, wondering how to fix/improve them, I decided to let them go. It was hard, but I’m moving on from those types of sites and focusing on what I have passion in. Sites that I can spend some time on – from a coding stand point as well as from a community stand point. Creating cookie-cutter sites was fun, but what I don’t like, is being reliant on larger organizations like Google or Facebook determining my fate.

With a community based site, you have that community and the goal is to grow and nurture those followers and in turn they will share, they will click.

In 2017 I will most likely develop 0 sites for marketing. What I’m going to do is work on my community based sites and see where I can go with them.

So where does that leave you? Well, I’m going to really focus on how to build community, and that is what I’m going to share with you. In 2016, I’ve been using some tools and techniques that have really helped. The goal is to get traffic first. Once there is traffic, there is opportunity for monetization.

So.. I’m back!

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